My Innovative Little Shop!

Bead Shop 

I looked around fondly at my Wooden Bead Shop once again. Who would have thought Sam’s shop would be an iconic place one day?

In one quaint corner of the shop were bracelets and necklaces made of wooden beads. When I had opened my shop, it was loaded with them. In fact, Sam’s wooden bead necklaces were the talk of the town. I was happy and was even able to work out a deal with a local tree trimming company to keep me in constant supply in order to keep up with the demand!.. But I outgrew that very soon.

When I looked at the wooden beads around me, I was intrigued. This was so much creativity around me. There was color, shapes, textures and so much else around me. I will not allow myself to be limited to jewelry any more. This is when I decided to let my creativity loose. And I have not looked back since.

I moved from jewelry to accessories. A little bit of glue, some colored paper and wooden beads is all I needed. Now I was making belts and wallets with beads. I put these on display once I had finished. The response practically swept me away. All sold out within no time. In fact, customers were asking when the next lot will arrive. I was also flooded with suggestions. Can we put these on cushion covers? Or on the quilt covers? What if I put a bead on my note book to make it look unique? Do wooden beads break? Can they be repaired? And so on……

I was at a loss of words. A tiny bead and so much talk about it? Perhaps all of us were finding it as an outlet of our own creativity?

I decided to hold workshops in my shop. Each day in the evening we would all meet for an hour or so in the evening. We would be picking up some random piece and then start decorating it with wooden beads. One day it was a pillow cover. Next day it was a photo frame. Suddenly each small item became a unique and beautiful item. In addition, the happiness all of us were experiencing was infectious. Sam’s shop was something that was on the “daily visit” list of all. And the business was booming!

I had never thought there was so much power in a simple, small, harmless looking wooden bead. But whatever it was, it made me look at life differently. I felt positive as well as empowered.

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Want to Make Things Clear

Ok boys and girls. My name is Sam and just want to make this clear…. I m telling my story through a narrative point of view. I have been getting a lot of flack from my family and friends for not just doing a personal blog but I never follow the norm and just want to do my best to stand out!

I mean who seriously opens up a wooden bead shop? Answer is…This girl!!! So I apologize for the confusion and welcome any more comments and insight whether they are harsh or even negative! Thanks everyone for understanding.

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Sam’s Wooden Bead Shop


Sam looked at the board glistening in the sunlight. At last her dream was about to come true. Today was the first day of her shop “Sam’s wooden bead shop.” She once again looked at the wooden bead in her hand. Memories flooded her mind………..

She was just a small kid then. Her father gave her a bracelet for her birthday. There were a number of beads with a big wooden bead in the centre. She wore it during the party. All were appreciating the beauty and uniqueness of the bracelet. She was very happy and playing around when……..

She was running around with her friends when she heard the jingle. She turned back to see that the bracelet had broken. All the beads were scattered about. Her heart broke. She rushed to gather the beads. They were all around the place. She got most of them. Somehow that big wooden bead was nowhere to be found. Everybody looked for it, but it was just not there. It broke her heart. Her mother made the bracelet again with the remaining beads. But without that big wooden bead, it was just not the same.

Sam refused to wear the bracelet again. In fact, it had become smaller too due to the lost wooden bead.

After a few years, Sam decided to do something about her bracelet. She decided to pin them on her prom dress. It was surprising how many persons complimented her on her dress that day. That day Sam realized how versatile beads are. In fact, she had never really given them much thought before that day! While decorating her room, Sam decided to give it a unique look. She went and bought a number of beads from the market. They were really cheap and available in so many colors, sizes, textures and variety. She was simply overwhelmed.

She made wall decorations, cushion coverings and a lot more with those beads. It was so easy to make. Besides, all this was maintenance free. In fact, she could barely recognize her room once she had finished decorating it!

Now she wanted to share this experience with all around her. These beads gave her happiness and a new outlet to her creativity. And today, just before the opening of her new shop, she had found that big wooden bead too, perhaps as a good omen to a new beginning!

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